Friday, May 27, 2016

Two more people in Alabama diagnosed with Zika virus –

Two Alabama residents recently tested favorable for Zika virus, bringing the total of infected patients up to 5 for the state, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

All 5 cases have actually been associated along with travel, so the patients contracted the ailment outside of the United States. Among the Zika patients lives in Jefferson County and the others comes from Houston County, according to the department.

With the most recent cases, the department of public Good health will certainly raise its surveillance. The infected patients will certainly be asked for the names of sexual partners and others members of the household, that will certainly be monitored for illness. They will certainly additionally be asked to usage insect repellent to avoid the spread of the ailment through mosquito bites, according to a department press release.

Most cases of Zika virus have actually been spread by mosquito bites, however it can easily additionally spread through sexual contact. The Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads Zika is present in Alabama, however not in fairly large numbers. The very same species spreads dengue and chikungunya viruses, which have actually never ever taken hold in the United States despite spreading in others regions.

Zika virus produces no symptoms or mild ailment in Many cases. The infection has actually been linked to serious birth defects of the mind and skull that can easily induce lifelong disabilities.

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Public Good health officials are warning pregnant women and women that are attempting to conceive to stay clear of countries where Zika is spreading, including numerous in South and Central America and the Caribbean. The Alabama Department of Public Good health recommends that Every one of pregnant women that have actually traveled to Zika-damaged spots must be evaluated.

The U.S. Centers for ailment Manage and Prevention additionally has actually a list of suggestions:

  • Pregnant women must not travel to Zika-damaged areas.
  • Men that have actually traveled to Zika-damaged spots and have actually pregnant partners shouldabstain from sex or consistently and correctly usage condoms for the duration of the pregnancy for Every one of forms of sexual activity.
  • Women diagnosed along with Zika must wait eight weeks after symptoms begin to attempt conception. If a man has actually been diagnosed along with Zika, the couple must wait at the very least 6 months after symptoms start prior to attempting conception

A woman in Georgia that contracted that state’s very first case of sexually-transmitted Zika virus recently recovered, according to news reports. So far, no cases of sexually-transmitted Zika virus have actually been reported in Alabama.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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